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With the advent of various social media platforms, it may seem like email marketing has taken a back seat which is far from the truth. Email marketing helps the brand to build a loyal and devoted audience, establishing a one-to-one connection with them. It helps to approach your target audience and increase brand visibility and awareness.

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Why consider Boost Like to buy Rambler Account?

Boost Like is an ideal marketplace to buy Rambler accounts because of the following unique features it offers:

1) Round- the Clock Customer Support

Boost Like offers 24X7, round-the-clock customer support to all its registered users. The social media service customer experts are available at your disposal always to resolve your doubts and queries as soon as possible.

2) Buy Rambler Accounts – Quality Affordable Service

We at Boost Like give utmost importance to good quality social media services as we understand the difference better quality brings to the table. And all these good quality services at affordable pricing.

3) Timely Delivery

As it is said, “Time is money.” And executives at Boost Like understand it better. Hence we try to deliver the Boost Like services as soon as possible. Boost Like to strive to fulfill the bought social media account within forty hours.

4) Secure Transaction

Boost Like offers secure payment transactions of the bought services. Users can purchase global social media services without any fear or suspicion.

5) User-Friendly Interface

Boost Like is a user-friendly website that offers smooth navigation to fetch global social media services. It saves time and effort spent in locating appropriate social media services.

6) Reliable platform

Boost Like is the trustworthy and reliable marketplace to buy global social media services. Scores of users have used Boost Like services in the past to get ahead in their brand awareness, milking the true power of the social media platforms.

The above-standardized feature of the Boost Like makes it the number-one marketplace for buying and selling social media services. Hence, Boost Like is the perfect place to buy Rambler accounts. After buying Rambler accounts with Boost Like and achieving your business goals, you can expand your services as it is an all-inclusive marketplace for multiple global social media platforms.

Buy Rambler Accounts: Why should businesses use email marketing campaigns?

Email marketing campaign offers distinct value to businesses looking at ways to build the brand out of it. Here are the following reasons for the increasing number of users harnessing the power of email marketing.

1) Broad audiences
Email marketing campaign allows businesses to reach broad audiences. The email address is the basic necessity for people to interact digitally, and most all people have it. Hence, approaching with an email address opens the door of opportunity for brands to reach out the large audiences.
2) Cost Effective
Another essential characteristic of the email marketing campaign that makes it so popular is its cost-effectiveness. Sending out an email to thousands of people costs you even less than the fraction of what you have to otherwise pay for advertising via traditional means of print media, billboards, advertisements on television, etc.
3) Scalability
Email marketing is easily scalable, from designing for a few hundred to thousands of audiences without any hiccup instantaneously. It does not require many changes when scaling the email marketing campaign. Make email marketing the most popular marketing channel for brands to reach customers via pushing your content through emails.
4) Personalized and customized content
With email marketing, it is possible to send personalized and customized content. Based on audience segmentation and position in the sales funnel, brands send emails engaging with their audiences. It helps brands to interact better with their customers and has more chances of conversion.
5) Direct communication medium
Email marketing opens the channels for direct one-to-one communication between the marketing brand and the audience. Brands can use email to gain feedback and accumulate customer surveys from customers in a bid to get to know them better. It further helps brands act on the suggestion to bring better products and services to the customers.

6) Boost traffic
Brands can set standards and attract the audience’s attention by sharing valuable pieces of information via mail. It intrigues the audience and tempts them to visit the brand’s website. Therefore, boosting the traffic to the brand’s website. Also, these customers have a high chance of conversion as they are already warm-up about your offerings via mail.

7) The ownership of the content and contact list
Using email marketing campaigns, brands are the owner of the content produced and their contact list, unlike other social media platforms. On other social media platforms, brands producing content and contact list does not own it, but the platform does. Your brand can either boost or hinder, depending on the platform algorithm, which is continuously updated.
8) Increase the brand’s awareness
Email marketing campaigns help the brands interact with the audience, often establishing one-to-one connections. It helps boost brand awareness among the audience, and more people associate with your brand. It helps increase the brand value of the customers.

The above features of the email marketing campaign make it a popular advertising and marketing channel. It aids in establishing a loyal audience base.
9) Easy to expand
Email Marketing campaign helps brands accumulate the email addresses of the audiences. It is a valuable resource as it’s like a permanent address, which remains constant. With the help of these emails-addresses, brands can build their presence on different social media platforms efficiently and effectively, saving a lot of time and effort.

Buying Rambler accounts with Boost Like

Buying a Rambler account with Boost Like comes with the following features:

1) The Rambler email accounts will come with POP3, IMAP, SMTP activated.

2) The Rambler email accounts will have the domain name @lenta or myrambler or autorambler or ro or rambler or ua, along with POP3, IMAP, or SMTP activated.

3) The Rambler email accounts will deliver as soon as possible. We at Boost Like strive to dispense the bought email accounts within two days.

The above features of the Boost Like account make it the choicest place to buy Rambler accounts affordably and quickly.

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