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Ten Step Guide for building quality Reddit backlinks

As per Semrush’s report in March 2022, Reddit holds 9th position among the most visited websites in the world and sixth place in the most accessed in the US. Reddit has over 1.5 billion registered users with 430 million monthly active users – it’s hugely popular among audiences.

They use it to get to know the latest industry news and hold relevant discussions about the things that matter to them.

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Users can use multimedia – photos, text, and links to express their opinions.

The billions of registered user base on the Reddit platform helps brands and businesses expand their reach. Also, Reddit serves as the apt platform for link-building marketing strategies. It helps broaden the content reach, creating backlinks to the brand’s website and exposing the content to reach the ideal targeted audience.

Good backlinks are the top reasons for the high search engine ranking. Thus, they have an essential role in the success of your brand. 

Let’s see how to use quality backlinks from Reddit to improve the website’s domain and page authority to get high search engine rankings.

What does Reddit backing mean?

Reddit backlinks, as the name suggests, are links from Reddit to external sources such as a brand’s website or blog. You can use the Reddit backlink in numerous ways, mentioning the link in the comment, post, or as the URL subreddit text posts. 

Using Reddit backlinks is an effective and efficient way of reaching the target audience. However, it requires following stringent rules. Hence, here we are to guide you to better use your Reddit profile without the risk of banning it and optimize Reddit link building. 

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1) Set up a Reddit account

The fundamental step is to build a Reddit account. To start, visit and tap on the “Sign Up” to complete your profile, mentioning your email address and setting a password.

2) Backlinks From Reddit – Actively use the Reddit platform for the next thirty days

The second step for effective link-building on Reddit is to use the Reddit platform actively for the next thirty days and post backlinks only after completing the thirty days. It is so because it’s essential to build trust among the audiences and portray yourself as a trusted and reliable profile.

Reddit moderators don’t like marketers who use the Reddit platform for marketing their offerings solely to audiences without adding value. It treats them as spam accounts. Therefore, to taste success with Reddit backlinks, portray your Reddit account as an asset, not just to market yourself.

Having a 30-day history and karma score of 50 on Reddit helps utilize step 4 efficiently.

3) Earn a Reddit karma score before posting backlinks

To differentiate spammers from trusted profiles – “Reddit karma score” is displayed on every user profile. It is nothing like a numerical value that essentially represents the ratio of upvotes to downvotes.

A high Reddit karma score signifies the trust and credibility of the user’s profile, resulting in higher engagement levels on the posts. It improves its reputation among the users and helps the brand secure a credible place. 

Note that a profile with a high karma score will fetch high user trust and engagement.  

So to gain quality Reddit backlinks- engage in your relevant industry community groups and positively contribute, gaining the trust of your audience. Also, you can post relevant content related to your industry niche that is non-commercial, engaging, and value-packed. In the first thirty days of creating a Reddit account, your main goal is to gain at least 50 Karma points to form your subreddit. 

4) Create a subreddit for backlinks

A subreddit is a Reddit assembly relating to a particular topic where you are the moderator of it. After completing a month of actively engaging on Reddit via comments, posts, etc., and gaining enough karma points, you get the option to create a unique community of yours. 

Build your community subreddit and name it representing your brand and its purpose, thus sharing quality content and related information about the website.

The best way is to share quality articles and blogs with backlinks embedded in them that are informative and engaging.

5) Choose quality over quantity for link building

With over 2.8 million subreddit present – it is crucial to select the quality over the quantity for the link-building campaign. Subreddit in the relevant industry with higher engagement is better than posting on multiple irrelevant subreddits. To find subreddits in your relevant industry niche, use the search function on Reddit.

6) Engage via commenting on others’ profiles to avoid looking spammy

It is essential to engage with other profiles via commenting on them regularly and contributing to the discussion to avoid looking like a spammy profile for the sole purpose of marketing. Make your account look clean and engaging, unlike your profile feed full of only links.

7) Post backlinks to the relevant content

Attract engagement and traffic to your website by posting backlinks to the relevant content to your industry niche, which adds value or makes a difference. Posting backlinks on irrelevant content only discourage users and might result in negative behavior like downvoting. So, it’s a better idea to post backlinks where they make a difference to the discussion.

8) Repurpose blog post content on Reddit

Another common way to share the blog post content with the backlink is the relevant industry-specific content, thereby adding value to the user’s life. For example, while answering a question- you can provide a link to your blog post that you think might solve the question. It also helps in gaining the karma score and better engagement.

9) Subreddits with link-sharing options available

With over 2.8 million subreddits available, each has its rules and regulations set up by its moderator. Some subreddit allows link sharing while some don’t. Hence, find the subreddit in the industry niche that allows link sharing and post links in the relevant subreddits, attracting traffic to your website and blogs.`

10) Post relevant content to attract high upvotes

As you get used to Reddit, you get the hack of the content that performs better and attracts higher upvotes. Create such content that attracts higher engagement and brings better results. Also, make the search feature to find relevant topics in your industry niche which are popular and high in demand. 

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Following the above 10-step guide aids in creating quality Reddit backlinks and improving traffic to your website. 

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Using the Reddit platform smartly without sounding too pushy and genuinely engaging with other Reddit users helps create a quality backlink. Posting relevant quality backlinks that add value to other users and answer their queries helps gain traffic to your website blog posts. Follow the above ten-step guide to building quality Reddit backlinks.

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