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What is a Facebook business manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a free toolset for your business, it allows you and your colleagues to manage your Ig and FB advertising campaigns.

Here’s what you can do with Facebook BM:

  • Create and manage your FB and IG advertising acaaounts.
  • Give partners and colleagues access to them.
  • Track ad performance.
  • Create and run ads.
  • Use Commerce Manager to sell products.
  • Use Audience Manager to create and manage your targeting audiences.
  • Use all the business tools to get help with your business.

To use Facebook Business Manager, you need to have a personal verified Facebook profile. Then you can create a Business Manager account and add your advertising campaigns to it.

Benefits of using Facebook Business Manager:

  • It allows you to separate your personal account and business processes.
  • It makes it easy to manage multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • It helps you track the effectiveness of your ads and make different decisions.
  • It allows you to collaborate with others on your business.
  • It gives you access to tons of tools and resources to help you grow your business.

If you have a business that uses Facebook or Instagram, then we recommend using Facebook Business Manager. As it is a powerful tool that will help you manage your business more effectively.

What are the differences in Facebook BMs?

There are two main types of Facebook Business Managers (BMs): Personal Business Managers and Business Managers for companies.
Each type has its own specific set of features and benefits, so choosing the right one for your needs is important.

Personal Business Managers:

  • Ideal for individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses with one owner.
  • Free to use.
  • Manage up to two ad accounts, one Page, and one Instagram account.
    Limited access to certain features, such as Payments, Business Verification, and Employee Access.
  • Person working on a Laptop with Facebook Business Manager on the screen

Organization Business Managers:

  • Designed for businesses with multiple owners, employees, or brands.
    Requires verification and may incur additional fees for certain features.
  • Manage unlimited ad accounts, Pages, and Instagram accounts.
  • Grant granular access permissions to different team members.
  • Access to advanced features like Payments, Business Verification, and Brand Safety Tools.

And are there spending limits on BM accounts?

Need a boost for your business ads? Boost Like has the Business Manager solution for you!

Choose from four tiers, each with unique advantages to match your budget and advertising goals:

The Starter BM ($50): Ideal for testing the waters. Enjoy precise ad targeting without breaking the bank.

The Powerhouse BM ($250): Unpack the most value! This tier unlocks 5 ad accounts, each with a $250 daily limit, letting you manage diverse campaigns simultaneously. That’s a potential maximum daily spend of $1250!

The Veteran BM ($350): Experience the benefits of the Powerhouse BM with an even higher daily limit. Plus, its established age adds an extra layer of trust.

The Uncapped Champion (Verified BM): Go big with unlimited daily spending for serious promotion. Verified BMs boast enhanced trust thanks to official company verification.

Choosing the right BM is crucial for your advertising success. Consider your budget, campaign needs, and trust requirements to find the perfect fit.

Let Boost Like empower your business!

How to Buy Facebook BM Accounts?

Many professional marketers Social Accounts and companies face constant problems with Business Manager accounts. First of all, it is difficult to create a Business Manager account on Facebook and start advertising for your product or service. It is even more difficult to maintain this BM account and raise Ads limits.

As an option, you can do it yourself relying on your skills and experience. But there is another option to purchase Business Manager accounts and start advertising instantly. Boost-Like offers you special services that will help you get instant Facebook Business manager today.

How to purchase Facebook BMs on our marketplace:

  • Visit Boost-Like social media accounts marketplace;
  • Choose a product with ad limit and properties that fit your needs;
  • Indicate the number of Business Manager accounts you want to get;
  • Proceed with any convenient payment method (Paypal, Skrill, VISA/Master, Bitcoin, etc);
  • Enter your Email address correctly so that you are sure you get the accounts;

We recommend to register account on Boost-Like for a better experience;
If you experience any issues with our products and service feel free to contact the support team.

Why is Boost-Like the best portal to buy FB Accounts with BM?

If you are buying FB Accounts with BM for the first time, you need to research about online sellers first. For your convenience, Boost-Like is one of the reputable sellers of digital goods.

It is listed among the top rated sellers FB Accounts with BM where you can choose from a wide range of packages.

Most of the customers find it reliable and cost-effective.
You can buy FB Accounts with BM as well as FB from USA and UK.

The offers from Boost-Like are advantages for your growing business as mentioned below:

1. Affordable prices for all marketing services
On this web portal, you can buy FB Accounts with BM within a budget of $100 USD. However, it would be foolish to contact services that claim to fulfill your order at a price below $5 USD. Beware of such scammers. The best part is that you can get a refund if you are dissatisfied or unwilling to use FB Accounts with BM.
2. Instant delivery
Time is indeed another factor to consider. Note that the delivery time depends on the size of the order. You may have to wait for 2-10 days if your order includes more than one item. However, it is likely that you will receive your order at your mailbox exactly within the specified time.
So, enjoy fast delivery from top-rated digital goods sellers.
3. Reliable after-sales service
Well-established online services never ignore their customers’ opinions and proactively respond to their queries. They are available 24/7 for immediate consultation on any SMM products. You can contact the sales service at any time by phone, email or chat.

How to Purchase FB Business Manager Accounts in Bulk

Boost-Like is the best place to buy Facebook BM accounts in bulk. We offer cheap Business Manager accs and provide flexible prices, discounts and bonuses for loyal clients.

If you want to place a bulk order then you can indicate it with the number of items in the checkout form. or you can contact our manager and ask to assist you with bulk purchase.

Buy Business Manager Accounts with $250 Limit

Note that Boost-Like provides different types of Business Manager pages. We can help you get Facebook accounts with $150, $200 and $250 ad limits.


What is the warranty on your Business Manager accounts?

If you encounter any issues like login problems, bans, or restrictions before running ads, Boost Like will fix or replace the account for you.

Do you offer refunds on Facebook Business Manager accounts?

We don’t offer refunds due to the nature of the service. However, we guarantee a working replacement for any account with issues before ad usage. More details can be found in the refund policy.

How can I buy a Facebook Business Manager account?

Visit our website and choose your desired tier. We accept Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfers, and Credit (PayPal Friends and Family) as payment options.

When will I receive my account after purchase?

You will receive your account details instantly after completing the purchase and confirming the payment.

Why are Old and Cheap Facebook Ads accounts and FAN Pages cheaper?

These accounts are older and may have limitations compared to newer accounts. They are a budget-friendly option for specific needs.

Do I need a proxy or VPN to use your accounts?

We recommend using a proxy for additional security and to avoid potential account issues, especially when managing multiple accounts.

What kind of security do your accounts have?

We take security seriously. Accounts are created using high-quality proxies and verified with real documentation. However, using a proxy is still recommended for optimal protection.

How can I set up a Facebook FAN Page account?

We provide detailed instructions for setting up a FAN Page after purchasing your Business Manager account. You can also find extensive tutorials online for further guidance.

Do your profiles have real profile pictures and information?

Yes, our accounts have realistic profile pictures and information to appear more authentic.

What does it mean to have an older Facebook FAN Page and how can I get one?

Older FAN Pages have been established for longer and may have higher trust ratings. We offer a range of FAN Page options, including older ones, on our website.

Do I need to use a non-detection browser when managing your accounts?

While not mandatory, using a non-detection browser provides an extra layer of protection and helps prevent account detection.

Where can I find the best place to buy original Facebook Ads accounts and Business Managers?

We believe Boost Like is the best option for original and reliable accounts with excellent customer support and a warranty on your purchase. We encourage you to visit our website and compare our offerings to make an informed decision.


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