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How do I find programmers on GitHub?

GitHub is a social network where programmers can collaborate with other coders to carry out or create software projects. GitHub Stars is a term we hear more and more lately, due to GitHub‘s growing popularity among job seekers!

Two programming principles of GitHub

To fully understand what GitHub is, you must understand two programming principles:

  • Version Control and Git.
  • Let’s delve into what these two principles are.
  • Version control helps developers record and manage any changes to a project’s code. While Git is a distributed version control system, which means that all the code and its change history can be viewed by other developers within a team.
  • According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, more than 87% of developers use GitHub. On GitHub, we can find tons of developers in this community, so this developer base maybe your ideal candidate.

GitHub Stars for You – How to find programmers on GitHub

Let’s find programmers on GitHub

Step 1: Create your GitHub account
To access the developer base on GitHub you need to have an account within this social network. They will only ask you for an email, password, and username. Add a profile photo, your company name, and the link to your LinkedIn account. In this way, the developers you contact will be able to know and trust you faster.

Step 2: Use the search engine to find programmers
When you search for developers on GitHub you mainly use two parameters: location and language. Location is to indicate the developer’s location and language is to select the programming language.
For example, let’s look for all programmers in California by the location parameter. In the search engine write: “location: California”.
For example, our search brought us over 10,000 Github users in California. Which is a considerable base of coders considering that software development talent is scarce.
Now let’s use the “language” parameter to find Python programmers. In the search engine, we write “location: California language: Python”
For example, our search brought us more than 500 programmers in California who constantly contribute to Python software projects.
With location, you can also filter by cities such as: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, among others.
Step 3: Filter correctly on GitHub
By default, GitHub sorts users by Best Match. With this filter, Github sorts the coders according to how much code they have written in the language we select. This is the best way to filter candidates according to the selected technology. You can also sort the candidates by more followers or with more repositories (code projects). As you already saw, in a matter of minutes we have found hundreds of developers.
Step 4: Know the candidate’s job
If these developers are good, they have probably already received dozens of job offers from other recruiters. To differentiate yourself from them, you must know a little more about the developer’s work. If you tell the candidate that you have seen his work and mention some of his projects that you saw in his repositories, the candidate will be flattered and you will be able to match him faster.

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How do I know about the candidate’s projects?

Suppose we are in the developer profile.
To know the code that he has written we click on Repositories.
In this section, we can filter your code contributed to Github by: sources and forks, archived, and mirrors.
The two most important that you are going to use to know the candidate code are sources and forks.
The code listed as sources is code that the person has created himself. Whereas the repositories that say forked is code that the candidate has copied from another project to use in his because he considers it valuable.
We click on the project we want to see.
We go to the bottom of the page and we will find a brief description of the project in the ReadME section. To note, the code contains modules for managing inventory in warehouses. This code allows moving products from a location in the system and managing the catalog of products to link them.

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The project sounds interesting, and it gives us a guide that the developer has done relevant projects within Github. I recommend you see the repositories that have stars. Stars are something that developers can give to another programmer’s code. They mean that the developer’s code has value to his colleagues.
It’s time to contact the candidate
In the candidate’s profile, we can only see their email. We have no other way to contact you. So the email we write you has to be very good to get your attention. For your email to be successful it must have the following points:
1. Presentation.
To the candidate, you are a complete stranger who is contacting him in an invasive way. The least you can do out of cordiality is introduce yourself. Tell the candidate who you are, what your position is, what your company is, how you found their email and why you are contacting them.
2. Mention their work.
In this part, mention which repository you found interesting about his work. This can be a great way to break the ice and let the candidate know that you took on the task of knowing about his work before contacting him. Which could be a compliment to the developer.
3. Description of the vacancy
In this part, you must put the requirements of the vacancy (technologies and frameworks). In this way, if the candidate does not meet the necessary technologies, he can discard himself and mention that perhaps he is not the right person for the vacancy. It is important that you tell the candidate the salary range. In this way, the candidate can tell you immediately if his desired salary is within your range. Thus, neither party wastes time. Remember that the candidate is not directly applying for your vacancy. He wasn’t really looking for a job. So it is important that you be kind and honest with him and give him all the details of the vacancy. Don’t waste his time.
4. Company benefits
In this part, you must tell the candidate what your most interesting benefits are. Do you have a Home Office? flexible schedule? Snacks? Gym? insurance of major medical expenses? Practically this part is telling the candidate why he should work in your company.
Do you now understand how to use GitHub to find developers for your projects?


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