Buy Aged 2007-2017 Registered Facebook Accounts for Ads with BM

  • Facebook accounts are registered automatically.
  • Registered with FR IP.
  • The daily limit of advertising campaign $250.
  • The marketplace is activated.
  • The accounts were registered in 2007-2017. The exact date of registration can be found in the account settings – the “Action Log”.
  • The name and surname in the account can be anything, i.e. differ from country of registration.
  • Sex can be both male and female.
  • The account profiles may be empty or have limited entries such as photos and other information. A fanpage has been created.


  • Before using the account, upload your photos to the account. This can help in the restoration of the account in case of self-identification.
  • Any Gmail account can request verification through SMS. This is considered normal. You can verify the account using your number or SMS-activation services.
  • Due to the long inactivity in Gmail, it can be difficult to log into the email. In this case, you must solve this problem yourself. Usually, several attempts to log in to email from the same device and IP address should help.
  • The majority of Business Managers immediately have 250 USD limit;
    It can be 50 USD ad campaign limit when you create it. But the limit can be increased to 250 USD in 2-3 days.
    If you remove the administrator on whom the BM was created, the limit will be reduced to $50.

Accounts data format. The data format is specified to facilitate reading the received details and may differ slightly. It does not affect an account’s health

login from facebook:password from facebook:email address:password from email address:additional email:password from additional email:date of birth:country:1 BM ID:2 BM ID:account ID:cookies OR

login:password:mail:mail password:country:BM ID:account ID:cookies

Recommendations for purchase.
– If you buy accounts the first time buy not many of them (not more than 10 pcs) and check
– Recommendations for using accounts: recommendations