November 30, 2022

All About Instagram NFTs

Advances in technology and digitization are opening up opportunities for online content creation. So there are new ways to preserve and value these digital assets. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are one of them. They are unique digital asset tokens based on blockchain technology.

It cannot be copied or copied, so it is a secure way to protect the authenticity of your digital assets. In 2021 alone, NFT had a sales volume of $25 billion. With the expanding creator’s economy, the popularity of the NFT has been growing.

Global brands like Twitter, Reddit, OnlyFans, and recently Instagram have introduced NFT in the marketplace. With deep internet penetration, more audiences have been using social media services than before as it has been accessible to larger audiences. These companies are rolling out their NFT, making it reach broad audiences and popularise them.

The value of the NFT is the value it holds is dependent on its popularity in the market, and thus, it draws its price from its demand. 

Instagram NFT

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Instagram will be launching its NFTs.Instagram is one of the most popular and most loved social media platforms worldwide and boasts 1.28 billion global users.

Instagram’s platform, which has a broad audience, will give way to popularizing NFT among the masses.

There can be NFT for anything ranging from videos, photographs, digital arts, or even tweets. It can be anything present in the digital form. Buying and NFT for digital assets is to become an owner of that. The thing that makes NFT popular is that it can’t replace or exchange with similar assets.

Ways Instagram NFT will Work

 Adam Mosseri, the Head Of Instagram, explained the method in detail so that starting from the bunch of content creators and collectors in the US will get an option first. They will be able to put on view NFTs in their Instagram stories, feeds, and their Dm’s too. They will be called the “digital collectibles” and display similar tagged profiles and other products. Like other things on Instagram, tapping the user will get all the details like the creator’s name and NFT details. 

The present goal of the Instagram NFT is getting things tested first and beginning slowly and steadily by learning from the experiences of the creators, community users, and collectors. That answers why Instagram has been starting with a small group. 

However, in his announcement Adam Mosseri, the Head Of Instagram, acknowledged the difference between the working principle of Instagram And NFT. One side of Instagram is centralized, whereas NFT believes in the distribution of the power & trusteeship. They are on the opposite ends in their principles but starting with a small group now will help Instagram find a suitable way to incorporate the principle of NFT, which is equal distribution of power and trustworthiness.

Initially, Instagram NFT will mint on the blockchains of the Ethereum and Polygon and will expand to Flow and Solana later. As for crypto-wallets Trust Wallet, Rainbow, and MetaMask will be initially supported and later steadily introduce others Phantom, Coinbase, and Dapper. It will be helpful to the user to own the NFT using the Crypto-wallets and display their proof of authenticity using it on Instagram. Users can put it on their Instagram profile, tag the creator, and it has an attached description about it.

How much does Instagram NFT cost?

Adam Mosseri, Instagram Head, clarified in his tweet via Twitter that Instagram will not charge any fees for displaying and displaying digital collectibles. It will be completely free. He focused on the importance of creators on the platform and admitted that the ways creators can make money on Instagram are unpredictable. He wished that introduction of NFTs on Instagram will give creators a chance to earn money by selling and buying NFTs on the platform.

Safety Issues

As per the notification on the official site of Instagram, it lays importance on the safety of its users. To ensure safety, users can use the tools from their profiles. Additionally, they can also report NFTs whom they find breaking community guidelines. In sustainability respect, Instagram believes to buy renewable energy in their bit to reduce the impact of carbon emissions linked with the display of digital assets online.

Creator involved in the Initial launch 

In the Initial testing phase of Instagram NFT, only sixteen selected creators from the United States will be involved. It’s the testing phase in which Instagram will be finding ways to incorporate the best means to present Instagram NFTs effectively and efficiently. Instagram will take suggestions from these creators and take their help in getting rid of errors and redundancies. This way, Instagram will focus attention on maintaining the safety and security of Instagram users as their utmost priority. Before rolling the full-fledged NFT launch, it is in the testing phase right now, limiting to a few selected creators.

A Last Few Thoughts about Instagram NFT

With people getting more aware of the importance of distributed power and trust in their digital assets and creations, the crypto market has been making waves. More and more big players are joining the bandwagon of launching their NFTs, and Instagram followed in similar footsteps. Though, till now, there have not been any successful matches between social media platforms and NFTs. It will be the Instagram and meta’s second attempt to get successful with the launching of the crypto product.

There are numerous questions in the creator’s mind relating to Instagram’s NFT launch. 

  • How do things progress, and will creators will be able to gain worthwhile income with it? 
  • What all things will come up after the testing phase is over? 
  • What difficulties and opportunities does Instagram’s NFTs launch pose to creators? 

There are thousands of similar questions like above, which only time will tell how the things will shape in the future. We, at Boost Like, keep you updated with all the jazz in the social media industry. And will be sharing updates regarding Instagram’s NFTs in the future. We are the one-stop marketplace for global social media needs.