February 20, 2023

Being blocked by someone is one of the scariest things that can happen to you on the Internet. The feeling of being rejected on social media hurts, especially if it comes from someone you care about. Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide you with notifications to know whether a person blocked you from their account. Thus, we provided you six (6) concrete ways to help you know if a person blocked you from their Instagram account.

Know the Account Type Who You Suspected Blocked You in Instagram

The easiest way to know if someone blocked you from their Instagram account is by looking at the kind of account they have. You can always find out the truth by doing a little snooping through Instagram’s search engine. If you are constantly checking out their Instagram account, you should know whether their accounts are public or private. Try searching their Instagram account first; the person who blocked you should not appear on your search engine if they have a private account. On the other hand, a blocked public account will show their account but not their photos, their followers, or their people. This simple test can save you precious time worrying whether a person blocked you.

Use Your Mutual Followers to Find Out Who Blocked You in Instagram

If you are more determined to discern if your crush blocked you after finding out you stalked them, you can consider digging a little deeper. Try looking for the mutual people you know who follow the account as well. You can take the hard road and look through their numerous followers and the people they follow. A blocked account will not appear after searching both. You can also try looking for a friend you know the person is friends with. If you notice that conversations are cut short or awkward, you could assume that it might be the person who blocked you.
You can also look at some pictures where their friend tagged a picture of the person. If their name is invisible to you, then the person might have blocked you already.

Use Different Applications to Help Detect Who Blocked You in Instagram

You can also consider installing an AppStore Application can help track the people you follow and who blocked you. These applications help put your mind to ease if the thought of being blocked still haunts you.

Followers Track on Instagram is one of the many applications that can help you know who blocked and unfollowed you. You might need to pay extra to avail of more features from them. Unfortunately, some applications are not sanctioned by Instagram and might bring dangerous viruses to your device. Ensure that the app you download is safe and secure before placing it in your software. Some people might also consider these applications unethical because of the invasion of privacy that might be violated by downloading these apps.

Maybe the Person Deleted Their Account in Instagram

Before assuming the worst, maybe the person you are suspecting deleted their account for personal reasons. Deleted accounts are not seen anymore after the user provides the verification and permission to delete. This phenomenon could explain the sudden absence in your news feed. Instagram does not notify you when a person deactivated their account; you might only know about this deactivation after looking it up in the search engine. On the other hand, the person might have also changed their username and profile picture. The Instagram account might be in a different name without your knowledge. Unfortunately, you cannot fully determine whether a person deleted their account or blocked you. You might need to confront the person directly to understand the reason for this deletion. You might risk revealing that you were stalking them in the first place, though.

Notice the Sudden Inconsistencies in Posting

You can notice the subtle signs of a blocked account after noticing their inconsistent posting. If the user you are constantly stalking posts in their stories and their feed, the sudden halt of this routine can prove that they blocked you from their Instagram account. If your suspicion persists, start searching for their names in Instagram’s search engine to see if your suspicions are correct. Their sudden absence does not necessarily mean that they blocked you from their account.

Consider Confronting the Person

Confronting the person who blocked you is the most ethical way of finding out the truth. This method does not violate their privacy through fishy applications or invading others’ privacy. Confronting the person allows you to know the reason for blocking you in the first place to prevent you from making this mistake again. Further, if blocking you was a mistake from the user, they can unblock you from their account. You might risk the user knowing that you constantly check their Instagram, but this is another method to know the truth. Try not to take this sudden blocking as a personal attack on you. The person might have just been uncomfortable with the sudden attention you give them. If you promise to back off and grant them the privacy and comfortability online, they could reaccept you into their following database.

Finally, about how to understand who blocked you on Instagram

These are some of the many methods to know whether a person blocked you from their Instagram account. Some methods are easy enough to do and can be done in just a matter of seconds. Other methods require installing another application to help. Try to confront them directly or indirectly before resulting to extreme measures like installing applications to invade their privacy.