January 20, 2023


Social Media has become an essential constituent of our everyday lives. It dictates the daily choices of humans and helps us keep up to date with the latest industry news.

With social media at the center of attention with billions of users, it has become an ultimate platform for brands to advertise their products and services. Not limited to just businesses, it provides an excellent opportunity for individuals similarly to network with like-minded individuals.

Instagram and Twitter are the two popular social media platforms with unique qualities. Both social media platforms boast millions of daily active users. With millions of active users engaging in the conversation, it’s tough to keep track of the seemingly interesting information by sorting through millions of posts. 

The best way to keep a tab of the desired information is by using relevant hashtags.

Hashtags are usually followed by the prefix # and used to create content differentiation. It helps find content relevant to individuals’ interests and likes, thus utilizing it to its full potential. However, to find relevant content on the Twitter and Instagram platforms may be more than one hashtag combination.

Often it’s observed that most of the platform does not allow multiple hashtags internal search. And Instagram is one of them.

So how does one carry out multiple hashtag searches on Instagram?

It’s a fact that Instagram does not allow multiple hashtags in internal searches. Neither on the desktop nor mobile Instagram versions – it’s possible to search for more than one hashtag search.

One requires an external tool such as social listening software to carry out multiple hashtag searches instead. Try using Boost Like for the social listening software and track various hashtags.

How to search multiple hashtags searches on Twitter?

Compared to Instagram, Twitter allows multiple hashtag searches. It’s simple – the user types the hashtag they want to search on the search bar. And find a list of tweets mentioning the hashtag on the search bar.

Twitter does allow multiple hashtags but does not offer analytics related to those hashtags. The user goes through thousands of hashtags to find the most relevant.

Using Boost Like social listening software tool helps find mention of relevant hashtags and gain analytics to it as well. 

Why prefer Boost Like for the social listening software tool?

The social listening software tool helps find relevant hashtags and build better brand strategies to progress. It aids the brand know what other users are saying about their offerings. Boost Like is the best place to find that because of its following features:

1) Comprehensive social media marketplace

Boost Like is a comprehensive social media marketplace that offers global platform services. It’s a trustworthy and reliable platform for different hashtags search.

2) Customer Support

Boost Like offers 24X7 support to their registered users. The experts available on the Boost Like website are available to resolve your queries round-the-clock.

3) Timely delivery

Boost Like offers timely delivery of the ordered services. The users are bound to receive their orders timely within the duration mentioned in the product details.

4) User Interface

The Boost Like website offers a user-friendly interface. It helps fetch the required services quickly and easily.

5) Secure transaction

Boost Like offers secure payment options for the transaction of the ordered services.

The above features of Boost Like make it the best website for using the social listening software searching for multiple hashtags.