Youtube Ranking – adding youtube video to posts


This services is perfect for those of you who need that video sitting at the top of Youtube. For more competitive terms you may need to order this regularly to keep it at the top and dominate your niche.

This service is perfect for ranking videos higher on Youtube. A standard campaign is $170 which includes 1000 views for 1 keyword. If you have more than 1 keyword you’ll need to order extra views.

$170 is for a video under 10 mins. If your video is more than 10 mins long I will contact you for a custom quote.

1000 Views – 170$.

Backlinks, Embeds & Views to help you

Rank Higher in Youtube

  • 1000 High Retention Views from logged-in Youtube Channels (These are not Bot views).

More than 85% of your video will be watched

  • Option for more views (additional fee will be added depending on the number of views & length of the video)
  • 300+ Tier 1 Blog Posts Linking Out to the Youtube URL
  • 95% Generic Anchor Text (Click Here, Visit this Site, etc)
  • 2500+ Niche Relevant Unique Blog Posts
  • Video Embedded on all Blog Posts
  • 3 Tier Linking Structure (Tier 3, links to Tier 2, links to Tier 1)
  • Ability to Embed GMB & NAP (for local businesses)
  • Ability to Embed Own Hosted Images (Up to 100 image URLs)
  • Blogs Post Links Crawled
  • Social Bookmarks on All Tiers
  • Blog Post Links Provided in a Google Sheet with Tier 1 separated

Turn Around Time: 15 Days or Earlier