Buy VK user parser

– Parsing by criteria from the search
— Parsing by criteria from communities
— Parsing from friends of an account authorized in the program
— Parsing according to the criteria of users who liked the post, photo, video, comment, product
– Ability to specify the method of sorting users in the search results
– Ability to save results to txt file
– Ability to work through a proxy

Profile privacy (public/private)
Openness of drugs
wall openness
Country city
Date of Birth
Family status
The presence of an avatar
Online (with device selection)
Last visit time
Openness of audio recordings
Is the mob listed on the page? telephone
Is it possible to add a user as a friend

Additional criteria (strongly affect the speed of parsing)
Number of friends
Number of subscribers
Number of posts on the wall
Number of communities
Number of avatars
Time since account registration