Buy Press Release Distribution in China

Distribute your press release to 6 Top Media Sites in China (Sina, Sohu, etc).

We will make press release distribution for your brand/product/website in China, including top media sites, such as Sina News, Sohu News, Tecent News, etc. And we have 3300+ media sites total, so you can order multiple times.

1. Boost your company’s visibility in China
2. Establish you as an industry expert
3. More potential customers find you in Chinese search engine Baidu.

Press Release Distribution in China For You: 

1.Due to Chinese media sites strict approval system, Any links or media contact information are not allowed in the PR body for top media sites. But we can add links or contact details on some media sites, please contact us if you need.

2. We can help write 1000 words Chinese Press Release with $40 by our professional journalist writer.
3. If you need to target industry related media sites such as Education, Finance, Lifestyle, etc, please contact us for the customized media list.