Buy Discord – Server Chat Bot – 1 Daily

Speed: Average 2750+ Messages/Day
Quality: Premium Quality (Unique Usernames and Unique Profile Photos)
Start: 0-6 Hours

Link: https://discord.gg/server

  • Write the automatic messages you want to send to the server in the “Comments” box, one under the other.
  • Type the server you want to send the message to. (Create different orders for each server.)
  • You can use any emoji and links you want in your message. There is no problem.
  • If the advertising members are kicked out of the servers; The order will be marked as complete.

– We will manually bypass the verification systems on your server.
– Phone confirmation must be turned off on your server.
– Your server verification level must be the lowest. If it is at a high level, it will be harder for members to join.
– Also, make sure that bots on your server do not block members. Turn off spam-blocking bots if possible.

Discord Chat Bot Does Everything For You