Anysite Scraper is a web scraping and web data mining software used to extract business leads (i.e. Business name, website link, address, contact person, email address, phone number, working hours etc.) as per customer requirements from any website. You can create project script with user-interface for any website as per your requirements.

If want to build your own targeted business leads database or want a web data-mining software for a variety of websites then you need a custom web scraper that can scrape specific data according to your business requirements. If you have such requirements then “Anysite Scraper” is the right choice. “Anysite Scraper” is the best and easy-to-use data scraper that can extract data from multiple web sites in a single place. That’s why you don’t need to buy multiple web data extractors for multiple web sites.

It enables you to extract formatted data as per your own choice from any website having proper html and supporting Xpath because “Anysite Scraper” works on the basis of Xpath. It is highly precise and well-organized web data extractor software for searching and extracting data which exists on your targeted websites. In other words, using “Anysite Scraper”, you can build your own scraper for any website with interactive user-interface by simply clicking on the highlighted data boxes on the html page. It has its own embeded browser and you can see what software is doing. Some websites show email address and phone phone numbers by clicking and software can do it automatically if you have told the click items on the page.

What makes “Anysite Scraper” Unique from Other Softwares?

Most of the scraper softwares are built to extract data from specific website(s) only and you are forced to use what they provide and can extract from one website at a time or don’t provide browser support but with “Anysite Scraper” you can build your own scraper project for any websit as your own data requirements and it can run multiple scraper projects for different websites at a time, in this way you can save your valuable time and money. You can also do custom configuration for each project. This software is fully automated that can extract data automatically. “Anysite Scraper” can export extracted Data of each project individually into EXCEL, .CSV files (Opens in EXCEL) format.

You need web scraper to automate your copy-past procedure because manual copy-and-paste procedure makes time and money wastage. Business Sales Professionals can expand their businesses by searching potential leads data from the Internet. Well when you feel it is so difficult to copy leads data from different sites then it’s time to try “Anysite Scraper”.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Net Framework v4.5.2 or above

Our services Limitations

  • Sample projects are given. Moreover videos and user manual provides enough understanding for creation of project.
  • We do not provide support to generate project script for any website.
  • We provide support in case of any issue with the software or software mal-functioning.
  • Puchase the software only if it works for your target websites. It may or may not work for all your target website(s).
  • Our parnters provide paid services at the rate of $49.99 USD per project script. One website may contain one or more project scripts depending on the website format.


Software do not work for LinkedIn, and Google Map