🔄Refill Time: Only Refill: 30 Days – No partial, No refund
⏬Minimum Order: 10
⏫Maximum Order: 10.000
✅ Link example: Video Link
✔️ Make sure that your Dislakes counter is not hidden!
✔️ You can add new order after the previous has been completed.
✔️ When you delete or block or hide dislikes on the video, the order is marked completed!
✔️ Please don’t order for the same link at the same time you have to wait for the first order to be completed then you can order again.
✔️ Refill will be guaranteed only if the order is made for 10% of the total number of followers/likes/views.
✔️ The time of getting the refill is from 0 up to 48 hours.
✔️ We will only refill the drops of our services.
Also, keep in mind that if the start count drops in the time interval between the order and the start of the service, it is not our responsibility.
✔️ Order is not able to Cancel after Process Start / video got Private / If video or Comment got Deleted by YouTube or Remove by the Owner or in any case.
✔️ The delivery speed may drop if the servers are overloaded.