Buy 10000 Instagram Direct Messages

**This is a VERY powerful service if used correctly. This can explode your business in sales or spread your message to thousands of users instantly to their Instagram Inbox.

We will scrape Instagram Users from a (main account) and send them a custom message to their inbox!

Please note: When choosing the followers you want us to send the messages to, make sure these are targeted towards who your customer would be, or who your message would benefit most. (Don’t have a huge list of followers to send DM’s to? Don’t worry, we can scrape them for you if you enter below a main account, we will scrape their followers and send the message to them.)

Also, when creating your message take a lot of thought into this.


Main account: @Nike
Message: “What do you think of these? I want to get more of @nike-competitor”


Main account: @Bitcoin
Message: “I saw you were interested in Bitcoin and wanted to recommend @bitcoin-competitor”.

**Practicing these techniques will increase the effectiveness of your Direct Messaging Campaigns.

~ Here’s How To Order ~

1. Under the LINK box: input your EMAIL for a Delivery Report to show DM’s were sent. (Don’t need a report? Just put NONE).

2 . Under the Quantity enter amount of DM’s to send.

3. Under the USERNAME box, enter username (or multiple) to scrape followers of and send direct messages to. (If the MAIN ACCOUNTS do not have enough followers to scrape and = the minimum amount, you can also add hashtags here. Just be sure to include the # sign.

4. Under the HASHTAGS box, enter the message you want us to send.
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