November 18, 2022

Instagram head Adam Mosseri recently announced new features of tags and updated ranking algorithms of Instagram, aimed at increasing originality on the platform and giving creators their due credit. It may take some time for social media managers and content creators to get accustomed to the new features, but it is all for a good reason.

This way, the Instagram platform has recognized the importance of creators & how their success is related to the success of Instagram.

Instagram has added the following new features:

1) Product Tags

Instagram has expanded its product tagging feature, which was earlier only for creator profiles, and is now available to everyone on the platform in the United States. Instagram users will now be able to tag businesses available for Instagram shopping.

Product tagging will enhance both user & available brand experiences to get them noticed. For Brands, it will make it easier to find the content tagging their brand in one place and manage their business tag preferences through settings. It will also help small business owners by giving a relevant boost to their products.

For the user, it will enhance their experience of surfing the Instagram platform and makes searching for businesses much smooth and seamless. It will make it easier for users to help their favorite small business owner succeed by tagging their business and letting other people know about it.

Adding a tag to your photo or video, you need to upload it with a caption, tag a brand & then you get an option for product tags where you can add for more than one product. It adds new avenues for all creators to step up their styling game.

2) Enhanced Tags

Instagram’s focus with the enhanced tag feature is to help creators get their due credit for their contributions. Enhanced tags will ensure creators tagged in collaboration can display their own added profile category in their professional accounts. It helps in clearly mentioning your contribution, for example, makeup artists, Lyricists, singers, or any other significant contributor. Enhanced tags will ensure that people recognize you with your work and your contribution to the collaboration in the photo or video posts significantly stands out. 

As Instagram is the platform that supports contributor collaboration & engagements, they are looking forward to adding enhanced tags feature to the reels soon.

3) Ranking for Originality

Meta-owned multimedia sharing platform Instagram has brought an update to its existing ranking algorithm to improve & enhance the ranking of the original content on the platform. Creators who develop or create something from scratch should get credit for their art.

In this way, the platform wants to make sure that creators get success with their work. Getting credit for their work is essential as it is associated with monetary benefits also.

This update in the earlier ranking algorithm focuses on ranking the original content higher than the assorted and reposted content. This move of Instagram will provide a better experience for creators as they are the backbone of the Instagram platform.

Instagram’s Latest Update: Key Points from the update

In an interaction on Twitter, Adam Mosseri – Head of the Instagram, cleared the following points:

  1. It is okay to edit content outside the Instagram platform and upload it via gallery later on Instagram only thing is you have made it & it is original. The only contradiction is that it should not contain any visible watermarks or logos apart from that edited & created outside the Instagram platform and uploaded via a gallery on Instagram will not be given secondary treatment and won’t be penalized.
  1.  Mostly gatherer accounts that accumulate content from various sources and enjoy the engagement will surely hit the blow & original creators will get the boost from this ranking algorithm update. Instagram will differentiate original content from copied through determining its posting history.
  1. Though Adam Mosseri admits that knowing the originality of the content is complex & is a work in progress, working continuously towards it slowly & steadily. If the account posts are not uniform and the account holder is content with a different person each time. It could signal aggregator content and will not rank better.

Instagram’s Latest Update is a great move to push originality

With this update of the ranking algorithm and introduction of new tags, Instagram has validated creators’ contributions importance to the platform and how important it is for creators to get credit for their work. To keep producing good quality content, getting their due credit instills confidence & motivation. As monetarily gains on the platform are related to the popularity & engagement on the Instagram platform, pushing original content over copied, reposted, or assorted will help original content creators get their due for their work.