March 14, 2023

Despite the rise of many video streaming app, YouTube remains the leader. From browsing videos to watching originals, YouTube has it all. Its interface is easy to navigate through, and its search engine makes it convenient for people, regardless of almost any age, to use.

Even grandmas and grandpops know how to use it! However, downloading videos offline might be tricky for some. If you want to learn how to download a video from YouTube, then read on.

Downloading Videos Inside YouTube

In this section, we will look at downloading and saving offline versions of videos inside YouTube.

How Do I Download and Save YouTube Videos?

People can google almost anything. You will land on many search results if you type “YouTube download video”. This method is the classic way of doing it before YouTube introduced its offline saving.

We listed these easy steps that you can follow on how to download a video from YouTube and save it there.

For Android and Apple mobile phone users: 

Step one: Go to YouTube.

Step two: Search for the video that you want to download and save.

Step three: On the buttons below the video, click the Download button. 

Step four: Select the resolution that you prefer.

Step five: Wait for the download to finish.

After the download, you will be seeing a confirmation message saying that the video is now available offline. The offline version, however, might have an expiry. It is because YouTube will be checking for an internet connection every 29 days. So if within 29 days, your phone is not connected to the internet, then YouTube will delete the videos. You can access the downloaded videos inside YouTube only by going to “Library” and “Downloads”.

Are There Limitations on Downloading Videos on YouTube?

In terms of storage, you may save offline videos as many as you want. However, you cannot save certain videos offline. Usually, these videos are official releases like trailers, official music videos, and the likes.

Are These Offline Videos Downloaded for Free?

Yes. YouTube does not charge for saving select videos offline.

Where is YouTube Downloads Stored?

These offline videos are stored in YouTube under “Library” then “Downloads”.

Downloading YouTube Videos Outside YouTube
In this show to download a video from YouTube.

How Do I Download Save a YouTube Video?

Using a third-party application or website is another way to download YouTube videos. The benefit of going this way is that you don’t need to worry about the expiration date, plus you may also transfer the videos to other devices. So, if you’re one of those folks asking how to download a YouTube video to a flash drive, then read is for you.

Step One: Choose Your Preferred Application/Website

You must find a website or application that can convert YouTube videos to different file formats.

If you’re using a PC or Mac, check out these top four recommendations: 4K Video Downloader WinX Youtube Downloader Any Video Converter Free Free YouTube Download

Do take note, though, that YouTube is not responsible for any bot or bug that might come with these downloaders.

Step Two: Select the file format that you want.

You may choose from a variety of file formats depending on what’s available in your downloader. Popular formats are .mov, .mpeg4, .mp4, and .avi.

Step three: Download that file, and you’re good to go.

Wait for the file to complete download, and you now have your offline version of the file.

Alternative Option: Online Downloader If you don’t want to download a certain application on your PC or download the videos to your Android phone, you may also opt to download videos online. The benefit of it is you don’t need to download the installer anymore; however, beware of certain spyware of bots and bugs that may come with accessing the website. Make sure that your antivirus can handle them.

How Do I Download YouTube videos to iPhone?

Ever since iPhone users have often found difficulty downloading certain things online because of Apple’s exclusivity, downloads are usually restricted. Instead, you need to connect your phone to a PC and run iTunes to transfer files back and forth.

Thankfully, Documents by Readdle allows iPhone users to download YouTube videos straight on their phones!

Here are the steps to do it: 

Step one: Download and run the application Documents by Readdle.

Step two: When you see the compass icon, type this link:

Step three: On the input field, paste the YouTube link of the video that you’re trying to download, then hit the â€œDownload” button. 

Step four: Select the file format that you want.

Step five: Rename the file and choose your destination folder.

Step six: A Downloads section will appear in the bottom navigation bar; it is where you can view the download status.

Step seven: Go back to the Documents app and look for the Downloads folder. Step eight: Select the video and hit the ellipses. Step nine: Click â€œshare” and then hit â€œsave”. Step ten: Enjoy your video!

Whew. I know; these steps are a lot. But if you follow them to the tee, then you can download YouTube videos directly to your phone.

How to Download a YT Video to a Flash Drive

There might be some events that will require you to put a certain video on a USB flash drive. In this case, you need to have a device for downloading and then transfer the file to the flash drive.

Another way of downloading a YouTube video to a flash drive is to connect the hard drive to your PC and then select the USB hard drive as the destination folder. Just make sure that the flash drive will not be removed when the download is happening.

What Formats Can I Download YT Videos in?

It depends on the file formats your device and your installer supports. The most common ones are .mov, .mpeg, .avi, and .mp4. Select the file format that’s supported by your device.

Are These Videos for Free?

Yes, they are. Using either an installer or a website to download the videos, consider that YouTube is not responsible for any error that happens to your device.

Is Downloading YouTube Videos Offline Legal?

If you’re saving offline videos inside YouTube, you’re covered by the legal terms of YouTube, which means that it is legal. However, downloading YouTube videos outside YouTube will always be against YouTube’s TOS (terms of services). Copyright infringement is a serious offense, so please be cautious in doing it.

What Features to Look for in YouTube Download Tool

Before deciding on an installer to go for, you must make sure that it offers the features you need. Here are some things that you may look for in a download tool: Video Quality Ensure to check if you can download videos in 720p, 1080i or 1080p resolution. Suppose there’s something higher than those three, the better.

Subtitles If you’re one of those people who like watching multinational channels, subtitles are a must. Batch downloading To help you save on time, batch downloading features allow you to download videos of an entire channel. File format compatibility The more compatible file formats, the better. Speed Go for software that has a fast-downloading process.

There are other features that you can look for as well, such as a built-in video editor. But, again, it depends on your needs.

Streaming videos on YouTube is always a fun thing to do. People of different age ranges enjoy watching videos online. However, there are days when the internet is unreliable, and the need to have offline versions of certain things arises. With this said, people often look for ways on how to download video from YouTube to their devices.

There are two ways to do it: through YouTube or outside YouTube. Downloading the videos on YouTube is the easiest method since you can do it right inside the app. You don’t need to switch from window to window to do just that. Although, there are videos that might not be available to be stored offline.

Downloading videos outside YouTube allows you to download any video free of charge. While this method remains most people’s favorite, it is important to remember that this method is always against the terms of services of YouTube. It also amplifies the risk of your devices catching some malware because technically, you’re downloading from an untrusted source.

On the other hand, this method allows you to save the videos on multiple devices, including iPhone. Apart from downloading an installer, you can also choose to download files online. In terms of choosing which method to go for, it’s always going to be up to you to weigh the benefits and cons of the two. Happy watching!