December 17, 2022

Working Instruction on how get free Instagram Followers and Improve your IG Account

Nowadays, every single Instagram user is dreaming of having a huge Followers base. However, in perspective, having only a high follower count means nothing. This means that if you have many fake followers, they will not generate engagement nor additional likes or comments to your posts.

Real engagement is the only metric you should work with. You don’t want to have passive fans. You want to put your energy in entertaining the most engaged fans. One thing that is important to remember is that you can always get free Instagram followers and it is extremely easy to do. Follow these simple rules and you will have an unlimited supply of free ig followers.

  1. Post regularly

    Plan ahead on how many posts you will make per day or week. If you’re really serious about acquiring free instagram followers instantly, you should aim to post at least 2-3 posts per day. As long as you’re posting high quality and valuable posts, this will always work. The Instagram community prefers accounts that post consistently and post quality content. With frequent creative content you will have higher engagement rates and better chances to hit the explore every time you post.

On the other hand if you find it hard to produce new content, build up your feed and post a few times a week and spend more time simply interacting with you recent free followers. Building up long-lasting relationships with your community requires also replying to comments and interacting with new accounts to boost engagement a lot. Don’t forget to plan ahead and to produce a majority of content for the coming week. Also, do not forget to use Boost Like as a secure and fast SMM service tool for Instagram accounts.

  1. Find your favorite posting times

Many people will advise that there are certain times of the day or week when you should be posting. While there is some truth in it (weekends tend to work better), you should figure out the best posting time based on your own account and free followers. All accounts are different and the way your audience is consuming social media could be totally different from your competitors.

  1. Pay attention to your tagged photos

Instagram users will start tagging you on other photos when your account starts to grow and when you will begin obtaining free followers. Unfortunately, some of these tagged photos are in poor quality and posted by strange accounts. Of course, getting tagged by magazines and other PR related users is most likely good for you. But you need to be in charge of the impression you’re making and not let everyone do it for you.

Remember that you can always remove the tagged photo from your profile, by visiting the photo and choosing “photo options”. You have the opportunity to remove the tag and still keep it in your “photos of you” section, but the best would be just to switch off the “keep in photos” option and leave the tag itself.

You can also change your Instagram settings so that tagged photos won’t show unless you approve them first. This can be changed under “Options” -> “Photos of You” -> “Add Manually”. Don’t worry if new insta free followers will still tag you, you now have better control over what content is visibly associated with your account. Here on our service you can find a lot of analytic tools and useful guides on how exactly you can build an outstanding IG account.

  1. Obtain more exposure

Almost 900 million people around the world use Instagram. If you’re travelling somewhere, be sure to interact with the local community on Instagram as well to have more free followers. Make photos, videos and stories. Geo tag them and interact with similar accounts nearby. This feature is a great way to build new relationships and increase your following. You shouldn’t really use geo tags randomly. Make them relevant to your actual position. The more relevant it is, the more clicks/taps you’re going to get from the explore feed. This gives the Instagram algorithm indications that you have good content and free ig followers will start flowing.

  1. Understand CPA

Using proper CTA in your bio or posts increases engagement significantly. Having a consistently high engagement brings you in front of more free followers and eventually brings awesome results.

Every time you’re posting something, think of a call to action. Examples of good CTAs:

Like if you agree Tag a friend/family member/partner (someone who needs to see this) Leave your comment below Let me know what are you thoughts on this Yay or Nay? Comment to enter the competition / giveaway

  1. How to get followers on Instagram for free?

Getting free followers for Instagram is an experiment to see how it impacts the account’s growth. And there’s definitely some positive growth aspects involved. To be honest, people want to follow accounts that are popular and all kidding aside, followers count still is one of the most important number that new potential followers look at. Also, media count and your following count are important and especially the ratio between them. Finally, you always can apply for our reliable and trusted service, Boost Like – Best place to grow your Instagram account

In conclusion we recommend following these simple steps even if your account is already growing. But if you really want to boost up your first impression, do it in a believable way and use a trustworthy service for that. Get Free 50 Instagram Followers Trial now on Boost Like.