March 7, 2023

Don’t know how to enter Discord by TOKEN? We’ll tell you. Detailed instructions on how to sign in tokenized discord.

If your account has ALREADY asked you to confirm your new location at the post office, the token is NOT VALID and will not work.

Discord asks me to confirm my location – How do I sign in account?

Signing in to your Discord account using a token (in the browser)

Open your browser.

  1. Go to discord.com/login
  2. Press F12 (or Ctrl + Shift + I).
  1. Select the “Console” tab and paste the code below.
How do I sign in to the discord token
  1. Replace the word “TOKEN” with your actual token and press ENTER.
function login(token) {
    setInterval(() => {
        document.body.appendChild(document.createElement `iframe`).contentWindow.localStorage.token = `"${token}"`
    }, 50);
    setTimeout(() => {
    }, 2500);

5. Press ENTER and the page will automatically reload and you will be in your account.

Why do I have to enter by token?

It’s easier and safer to log in with a token, because discord won’t ask you to confirm your location. And you will be able to use your account.