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China is the most populous country globally, with an estimated 1.44 billion people accounting for 18.47% of the world’s population. Also, China is no.1 in terms of internet users worldwide, with 1.02 billion internet users.

This makes it a hotspot for expanding its businesses via social media marketing tactics. It provides two-way communication between consumers and brands.

Social Media Marketing is quick to advertise your products and services to the masses. However Chinese government imposes strict rules on internet application usage in the country, blocking western social media applications Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, G-mail, etc., through the Great Firewall of China. Therefore, it strongly advocated using homegrown social media applications like Weibo, being the oldest & most popular among them.

If you are a brand that wants to reach the masses in China through your social media marketing campaigns, Weibo is a must in your strategy. Weibo, called the Twitter of China, has 573 million monthly active users per third quarter of 2021 statistics.

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