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All about WeChat: WeChat is a Chinese super application with an instant messaging app, social media app, and mobile payment app all rolled into one. It was first launched in 2011 by Tencent and is the most extensive standalone application.

By 2021 it has acquired 1.2 billion active users, with 70 million outside China becoming the fifth most widely used social media application worldwide.

With different apps rolled into one, the time spent on the app is higher; an average user spends almost 82 minutes on WeChat.

That makes it a valuable place for advertising and promotion platforms for businesses. In addition, it supports over 20 languages, which is also one of the essential factors in its deeper penetration across the world.

Can I buy a WeChat account?

With over a billion users, WeChat has become a lifestyle application on which you can send over messages, do your shopping, play games or book a cab for a ride. Almost anything you may require during the day. The rest of the social media applications like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook are not allowed in China.

How much is your WeChat account?

At the same time, the Chinese have people fully embraced WeChat across the globe as it is available everywhere. With a 1.41 billion Chinese population residing in China and 40.3 million overseas Chinese spendings considerable time on applications, it has become a hotspot for marketers to advertise and promote their products and services.

Moreover, advertising through WeChat provides a gateway for world brands to promote themselves among the Chinese population worldwide, as WeChat is accessible from anywhere. If you are a brand, even a small business owner who wants to enter the Chinese-speaking marketplace, the best way to enter is with a WeChat Account.

You can Buy a Chinese WeChat account with Boost like?

At Boost Like, we have the following option for people looking to buy a Chinese social media account, Wechat.

1) Buy Chinese WeChat Service accounts Chinese WeChat service accounts are most useful for those businesses who wish to sell their product and services in the Chinese market. With features enabling e-commerce, voice recognition, geo- localization, etc., which helps make your advertising strategy more & more customizable to the audience. It helps build a solid relationship with the audience through messaging, in-app games, etc.

2)Buy Chinese WeChat Subscription accounts The Chinese WeChat Subscription account is best for content-based companies like media houses, publishers or bloggers, etc. It is because they are the ones who would like to have greater posting frequency than the WeChat Service account as the content-based company produces content and wishes to retain a high position in the feed.

As for overseas businesses, it is not as simple to open a Chinese Wechat account as with other social media platforms available like Linkedin, Instagram, etc. So to help you get through all the complicated steps involved in testing new water on the Chinese shores, we at Boost Like will help you Buy WeChat Account in a smooth & seamless way.

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The following features on WeChat make it the fifth most widely used social media application:

1) Messaging WeChat has different types of instant messaging on the platform: text, voice, and video messages to individuals or broadcast messages or conferencing among the group. In addition, the application facilitates users to share coupons, their GPS location, other user profiles, and other facilities on the platform. It also allows user to share their contact number via Bluetooth with nearby users. WeChat also provides a recall feature for users to delete the shared information within 2 minutes of being sent. It has various features to keep the user engaged on the platform.

2) Enterprise Chat Enterprise Chat has been added to WeChat for work-related communication purposes for companies and enterprises to separate official from personal communication. In addition, it helps keep track of the communication undertaken during their work.

3) Moments As the name suggests, Moments provide an interactive platform for special moments to be shared among friends & family on the WeChat application. Users can share moments using photos, video, text, stickers, etc.

WeChat allows users to restrict their privacy settings as to who will be able to see the moment being shared by the user. Viewers of the post can give their reaction by liking or commenting on it.

4) WeChat Pay WeChat Pay is a digital payment service that users can avail of on the platform after giving their bank details & registering their either debit or credit cards. As a result, it becomes super easy to send money among the contacts on WeChat, buy goods & services, pay bills, book a ride, etc. It makes the transaction process super smooth & hassle-free.

5) WeChat Channel WeChat channel allows users to upload their long or short-duration videoes on the platform and scroll the feed to watch other content creators’ videos. As a result, it is estimated that video content garners more views and popularity than other forms of content. WeChat Channel, launched in 2020, gained over 200 million users by June 2021. It has become a massive hit among the users on WeChat.

6) WeChat Mini Programs WeChat Mini Programs are the small apps within the WeChat app; Business owners can create their mini-app and use the digital payment services WeChat Pay for payments using mobile wallets. Using such WeChat mini Programs, mobile games on the platform have been a massive hit among its users. WeChat takes care of every aspect of the user’s life.

It is a super app that has apps rolled into one from your office to home. You need not download different apps to solve other purposes. We take care of your communication needs, entertainment, and payment to get through all instantly. It makes WeChat the most popular application, with a massive 902 million daily users.

Now, let’s look at some interesting facts about WeChat that makes it a popular choice for advertisers & marketers:

1) Gigantic User Base WeChat is the fifth most popular social media application, boasting a massive user base of about 1.4 billion users. Therefore, it is an apt place for marketers as it provides a platform to interact with many prospective customers.

2) Wide variety of functions WeChat offers a wide variety of functions for every user as per their preference they choose to avail options. Therefore, it caters to a wide variety of audiences. Hence as a marketer, irrespective of the product or service you want to advertise, you will undoubtedly find a user base for your brand. Furthermore, it has users from every age group, teens, young working professionals, or retired persons. Therefore, all types of audiences are present on the platform.

3) All content types On WebChat, you can use interactive content for advertising your product or service, be it simple text, images, video or stickers or mini-program apps, or anything you can imagine. It’s an excellent platform for brands to put their thoughts before their prospective customers and take feedback from them.

4) Free to use worldwide WeChat application is free for usage across the globe. Therefore, anyone sitting anywhere in the world can use the host of facilities provided by WeChat to make their life simpler and more manageable. Hence it becomes an obvious choice for marketers to market their products or services on the platform.

5) Users spending a Considerable amount of time online As WeChat has various features & functionalities, WeChat users spend a considerable amount of time on the platform using its multiple components. It is estimated that among 87% of its users, it is the most widely used application. It is believed that internet users in China spend almost one-third of their online time on WeChat.

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Hence with large users spending a considerable amount of time online on WeChat, it has become a popular choice among advertisers & markets to promote themselves on the platform.

So if you are trying to look for ways to expand your business, there is no better choice than WeChat accounts which have users of different age groups all present in one place. At Boost Like, we let you Buy WeChat accounts to get started with your promotional & advertising journey on it.