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7 Facts about Likee, the Latest Short Video Sharing Application
Short video sharing applications are now on the rise among users of all ages. The pioneer, of course, was TikTok, which was controversial at the beginning and is now skyrocketing. But TikTok is not alone, a competitor that is also being sought after is Likee.

Likee is probably the second most popular short video sharing app. This is shown by the exponential increase in the number of downloads and the increasing demand for Likee followers. The importance of Likee followers for many people is certainly an indication that this application is seen as very useful for commercial purposes, just like TikTok.

Likee Followers – Released in 2017

If TikTok was made by ByteDance, Likee is the leading short video creation platform released in 2017 under the auspices of BIGO Technology. Bigo itself is known as a very popular live streaming application from Singapore, but in 2019 it was acquired by JOYY through its subsidiary YY, a leading live streaming platform provider from China.

Likee is now the world’s leading short video maker app. Today, the number of Likee users has reached more than 140 million worldwide. This cannot be separated from short video content that is increasingly popular nowadays because everyone can express themselves freely.

They created Likee as a platform that makes it easy for users to show and hone their creativity. Likee is also a place for users to communicate with other users, even with their idols directly through the live streaming feature. Curious about what Likee’s journey has been like over the past three years and how Likee has become a popular short video app? Here’s the summary!

First known as LIKE Video

Presented for the first time under the name LIKE Video in 2017, Bigo then changed its name to Likee in June 2019 with the aim of providing new and unique things to its users. At the same time, it is also in the process of acquiring YY from China. Likee provides superior video editing and creation tools with more than 2,000 video effects to give users the freedom to be creative.

Most users are content creators

Available on the App Store and Google Play Store, Likee is currently present in more than 200 countries and regions, including Russia, China, Indonesia, the United States, and Brazil. Likee users cover various age groups, with more female users than male users. Thanks to the creativity of Likee users in producing short video content, most users have succeeded in becoming active content creators on Likee.

One of the most popular apps in the world

Likee’s commitment and seriousness to become a popular short video creation application has made Likee very popular, even making it the most popular application in the world. Likee has won various awards, one of which is being the most popular and entertaining application on Google Play based on the number of downloads and impressions of Android users in 2017. In addition, Likee received two awards, namely the seventh rank in the most downloaded application in 2019 and managed to become first in the ‘Top 10 Breakout Apps’ according to a report released by App Annie. Meanwhile, based on Sensor Tower’s research in the first quarter of 2020, Likee ranks sixth in the ‘Top Apps’ category.

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Likee has succeeded in creating a global community that connects content creators through creative content. In supporting and maintaining community intimacy, Likee organizes various activities to develop its community. Some of the activities in 2020 were New Year’s celebrations in seven cities in Indonesia, Likee Fitness Gathering Campaign in ten cities in Indonesia, and online gatherings during Ramadan through Likee Live City Shows in 12 cities in Indonesia. This shows that Likee is also serious about working on the Southeast Asian market.

Cloud Economy: Likee’s biggest campaign

In addition to providing entertainment and providing convenience in creativity, Likee also participates in helping to solve problems that are currently hot in the community with various campaigns. In an effort to educate users about important issues, Likee works closely with the community to run campaigns, such as Likee’s largest campaign, Cloud Economy. Aiming to provide opportunities for people to continue their profession online, Cloud Economy allows users to hone their skills online through live performances amidst the pandemic. This campaign consists of four themes, namely, Cloud Education, Cloud Medical, Cloud Food, and Cloud Concert. Among them, Likee held an online forum that gave teachers the opportunity to find new opportunities and continue their profession through live streaming events. In addition, the Cloud Medical Live Show provides education and free health consultations brought by professional doctors and nurses from some countries.

Likee’s favorite features: ‘FaceMagic’ and ‘Moments’

In providing the best experience when making short videos, Likee brings a variety of features that are easy to use. These features give users the freedom to express themselves and be creative without limits. ‘FaceMagic’ has become one of the users’ favorite features. This feature is a 3D face swap game mode that can change your face to resemble the face of famous movie actors. Likee also provides a different experience in its application by introducing the “Moments” feature, which allows you to record and/or share their lives in the form of writing or photos. Since its launch, this feature has reached millions of uploads.

Cooperation with various well-known brands

In addition, Likee also collaborates with various well-known brands. Likee’s last collaboration was with Moonton in presenting a live broadcast of Likee Superstar Battle. Other collaborations also occur with PUBG, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Honor to present several activities such as challenges, online concerts, and others.

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It is not uncommon for Likee to get more than millions of viewers and fans. One of the highest is Likee’s collaboration with PUBG which presents the #PlayInTheSafeZone challenge. This event that challenges Likee users to cosplay as characters in PUBG has gained more than 68 million viewers and more than 62 thousand fans.

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