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About Etsy Etsy is an e-store that sells vintage art&craft supplies. It connects sellers with buyers across the world. It provides a unique platform for people looking for a place to sell their handmade articles or products online worldwide. In addition, it offers a platform to monetize their skills, reducing the gap between buyers & sellers.

Esty was founded in June 2005 in Brooklyn, New – York and coming 2020, over 4.4 million users sold their goods on the platform to 40 million worldwide users.

It is a platform that supports artisans, handicraftsmen, and vintage sale products, helping small business owners to occasional individual sellers.
Etsy is an excellent platform for starting with your own e-selling online and selling to a worldwide audience. It saves you money, time, and effort in setting up your website, marketing yourself, and start selling once people start recognizing you. It’s a long and tiring process. Instead, it’s pretty smooth to sell & buy on the account.

 Etsy Accounts For Sale

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Reasons to buy Account

1) Customer Support At Boost Like, we have 24×7 customer support for our users to help you navigate through buying our service and assist you in getting started on your e-selling journey on In addition, at Boost Like, we have a wide range of services for all the social media platforms worldwide.
2)100% secure Transaction At Boost Like, we provide 100% safe and secure transactions. As a result, we have served customers with satisfaction from all around the globe. Our customers have given us the highest review ratings, delighted after achieving their goals after buying our service.
3) Instant delivery After purchasing the service, we assure our user to get the delivery as soon as possible within the time frame, as mentioned with the product details.
4) 2021 Registered accounts By buying accounts with Boost Like, you will receive 2021 registered accounts automatically. In addition, accounts will be verifiable by email and included in the set. These will be registered in the IP address of different countries with phone registration. 5)Multi Gender Account names will be multi-gender, with a Latin account name alphabet. Buy accounts with Boost Like to set your firm foothold and begin your journey on with a bang.

 Advantages of selling on

1)Well Established Audience
Esty allows you to set- up your shop to begin selling, and your product will be available to shop among the already current customer base on the platform. However, getting started from scratch with building your e-commerce store requires a lot of time & money to attract visitors to your website and buy products. While with, this provides an excellent opportunity for sellers to start selling as soon as possible without worrying about other things like developing your e-commerce store.

Setting up a shop and starting selling on is cost-effective as it requires no domain & hosting fees, unlike building your e-commerce store and then starting selling. In addition, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs and other similar costs. takes care of all that jazz. Hence is a unique and popular place for sellers to start selling online with minimum investment costs.

3)User-friendly Interface has a user-friendly interface; hence it becomes easy to set up product listings on your shop. They also have a mobile application that makes it super easy to check things on the go and remain updated with the happening on the platform. is famous for handcrafted products and vintage items. This platform supports small sellers.

 4)Supports small
Sellers supports small sellers and artisans with handmade and unique products. Its motto is”Keep Commerce Human,” which means to keep the humane connection intact with commerce. It’s also a fantastic place for buyers who wish to buy specially curated products made with utmost love & care.

5)Inbuilt promotion & Advertising tool
On, you get an inbuilt promotion & advertising tool via Etsy Ads, a marketing tool to promote your product listing in searches and reach buyers looking for similar products. It’s a great way to promote yourself on the platform and do more selling to generate more profits.

Selling on helps you keep an eye on the statistics of selling with the help of the shop manager on the website & app to analyze the traffic coming to your shop based on their location, likes, and engagement on the shop. It also allows us to analyze the performance of Etsy Ads in bringing increased revenue.

6)Buy Etsy Accounts – Global Marketplace provides a global marketplace for items lovingly handcrafted & unique items from every corner of the world. It’s an excellent place for buyers to get an authentic taste of things. Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can indulge in shopping for local products from anywhere you would like. And for sellers, too, it provides a global marketplace to sell their goods to a broader audience. So small sellers, too, get to be a part of an extensive vast marketplace. It provides a unique proposition to sellers from every corner of the world, irrespective of whether big or small. Sellers dream of becoming a part of the global market & start selling to every nook & corner of the world has bought to live with

7)Buy Etsy Accounts – Growth Opportunities
There are numerous growth opportunities for the seller on A person interested can start by being a seller on and later can upgrade to EtsyPlus, which offers more customization tools, advertising and promotional tool for further advanced selling opportunities. Gaining practical experience, sellers can also enroll themselves in the Etsy U class or workshop to learn the ropes of e-selling from different successful entrepreneurs and apply them to their strategy. Using an account is not limited to just selling only; it is much more than it. It helps you grow and expand your business.

8)Sellers Community
Selling on helps you meet and learn from other sellers and all strategies they are employing to sell their products online. In addition, it helps to learn and grow together on the platform—the online seller’s community on equips sellers to deal with any issues better. Apart from learning & growing together, it also helps sellers draw inspiration from each other to scale heights in their pursuits. Those people in the same boat better understand each other’s situation and discussion amongst them leads to better solutions and more growth. Therefore, being a part of the seller’s community enhances our knowledge and broadens our thoughts.

9)Buy Etsy Accounts – Place for product experimentation serves as the place for product experimentation. Sellers can list various products on to see how the product fares on the website via the shop manager, as it helps in understanding the statistics of the product listed. As a result, we get to know how many people like and visit our product and how they are engaging with the product listed. Sellers can take on the experiment with different products to learn about the response for the product. This process helps better understand the market and its requirements. In addition, without spending much, sellers can experiment with different types of products, which is something that would otherwise require more time, effort, and money selling through their website. So, if you are still figuring out products in your seller’s journey, start with buying an account with Boost Like.

 10)Opportunity to build a brand
Selling on allows sellers to build a brand for their products; you gain exposure to the global marketplace when you start selling online on In addition, it enables you to distinguish your product from others and build a brand name for yourself in a market full of other similar products. Once people start liking and buying your product, they will recognize your product with its brand name.

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Building a brand helps establish a face for your product, which further helps build trust and credibility among users and seek an authoritative position in your niche market segment. It further helps in the generation of more profit and revenues for sellers. Building a brand helps develop a relationship with your customers, thus winning loyalty in return. Building a brand name with is easy, smooth, and hassle-free, too, with less investment.

Etsy Accounts Cheap & Bulk

There are many e-commerce platforms but selling with is unique as it keeps its motto “Keep Commerce Human” at the forefront of doing business. In addition, it’s a special place for people who offer artistically handcrafted products.
Finally, it provides a helping & encouraging community on, further supporting sellers. It’s an excellent place to start your e-selling journey and learn tips and tricks of the trade.

We at Boost Like help you start your entrepreneurial journey by buying accounts. Our customer support is available 24X7 to deal with any glitches you face, making it a wonderful experience for you.